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360° Swivel & Spring Hanging Kit

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Calming effect
Reduces anxiety
Strong durable material
Safe for kids



Made of heavy-duty steel
1 x 360° Rotational Swivel 
2 x Carabiner

1 x Spring

Prevent knotting and tangling with this premium hanging kit. It also comes with a spring for that extra bounce and fun. Ensure it is correctly installed by testing the swing before using it.


Please note: The spring is only intended for weights up to 132 lbs (60 kg). Anything more it will not retract to its original condition. 

360° Swivel & Spring Hanging Kit

Babies love to be carried

It's the most natural thing for them, they don't expect anything else. For them, carrying means closeness, warmth and the calming proximity of warm milk, but above all security. In a sling they feel safe and close to their mother , which conveys a feeling of familiarity and security.

However, carrying your baby all the time can cause pain in the long run. Our sling is the perfect solution here